We are a family owned small business based at Shakopee, Minnesota.

We know that handy works all over the house can be overwhelming, especially if it needs more hands to accomplish the task.

When the exterior of your home looks a little dingy, pressure cleaning may come in handy when you want to get rid of grime, debris, dust, and dirt from driveways, parking lots, walkways, decking, other concrete and other surfaces.

Moving out? Renovations? do you need a trailer to haul your trash? We know how stressful that is, so let us help you remove the things you don’t want.

Gutters Need Cleaning?  Roofing gutters should be cleared seasonally to avoid water build up and overflow – otherwise you risk costly damage to your roof, and property interiors. Damp, mold and even flood damage can result, not to mention damage to building foundations if water is not flowing correctly away from a dwelling.

If your outdoor work are starting to pile up, call Viking Outdoor Restore @ 952.500.3421 to get it done right.